Kitchen Interior Design Ideas – Add a Pop of Colour

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Updated

Whether you have a wooden kitchen cabinet or white after a while they can look a little out-dated, but there's no reason why you have to fork out for an entirely new kitchen when you can revitalise and rejuvenate what you already have. We suggest some cost-effective ways to breathe new life into a tired looking kitchen which can realistically be achieved in a weekend.

Adding a pop of colour will bring an instant face-lift, think about where the best place would be – maybe you're fed-up with looking at plain white cabinets, if you are you can simply change the handles or knobs for brightly coloured ones. The result will be eye catching as well as stylish. If you fancy adding more colour than knobs and handles you could always think about painting the actual cupboard doors. There's special paints available for use on kitchen cabinets which aren't wooden.

Be sure to prime the doors as per the instruction first so that you end up with a professional finish. Splash back tiles are another area where you can add a pop of colour. Rather than replacing the tiles, which can be an arduous task, you either paint them, again using special tile paint, or use stickers. Stickers may sound a little tacky, however, today there are some wonderful tile stickers available which, with a steady hand, can be applied to random tiles to bring touches of colour to your kitchen.

Your kitchen table is also a great place to add pops of colour. Kitchen seat pads are another instant way to change the look of your kitchen area. Team the seat pads with kitchen blinds or co-ordinating curtains so that the colours work together. Try not to go overboard otherwise you may just as well redecorate your kitchen, which is defeating the object of this quick and easy make-over.

If you love your kitchen décor just the way it is use carefully selected accessories, such as vases full of fresh seasonal flowers, fruit bowls or one kitchen gadget which is always on display, such as a toaster or coffee pot, and use those to inject a pop of colour into a plain wood or white kitchen. All of these ideas can easily change the look and dynamics of your kitchen, just remember to go for a vibrant colour which instantly catches the eye when you walk into the room.

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