Keeping up appearances- copying interior design ideas

Keeping up with appearances when decorating your home can be a very expensive job - especially if you are taking your inspiration from top designers. You know what we are talking about because you have probably spent some time browsing interior design ideas and styles. Well, is there some secret to copying interior design styles on a budget?

Can you have your dream home without having to pay it off for the rest of your working life? Of course! We have some tricks and advice that we wish to share with you - get the designer look for less:

  • First, you will need to have a print or cut-out of the room or home you have seen and fallen in love with. You will need to refer back to it each time you have to make a choice about colours, textiles and furnishings etc. Make a personal note about what it is you love in the design - is it for example the use of traditional furniture in a contemporary setting or could it be that you love the hint towards glamour in an otherwise cosy and comfortable space. Once you know the key elements of your love affair it will be easier to recreate.
  • Colours are going to be one of the easiest parts to copy and you can take your print or cut out to the paint shop for them to find a perfect match. Have it on hand too when you are browsing a fabric wholesalers UK- you could be creating some DIY curtains or cheap cushion covers to cut the cost right down.
  • Next you will need to look at your picture again and pick out the best features - this could be a glamorous headboard for the bed or luxurious window treatments. It is best to address those pieces first when copying interior design styles.
  • You can also downsize on expensive or luxurious materials. A high-end wallpaper that you have seen on all four walls can be placed on just one wall. To cut costs further you could purchase some second-hand metallic frames and place the wallpaper within the frames - you even get extra points for being original and unique with your decorating!
  • Dress up walls with a period feel by using cheap MDF as opposed to wood for custom moulding. In the kitchen you can give a cheap makeover by using a gloss based paint on the units and metallic handles for the doors - it will look far more than what it actually cost!
  • Mirrored furniture is right on trend and although the real deal is quite expensive you can easily update an existing piece of furniture to achieve the same look for less. Even if you must buy a piece of furniture for the job such as a dresser - you can pick one up at a low cost store at a bargain price. Paint your furniture white and just glass the front facing part with custom fit mirrors.

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