Keeping up appearances 6 - stylish 'must haves' no home should be without

There are some things in life we really can't live without and there are things that no stylish home should be without. The following home 'must haves' we are about to reveal are a good investment and yet some of them are not even that costly as you will find out! Furthermore, these classic pieces can be brought into all interior design styles and will never become dated.

So grab your pen and paper and start jotting down some of our ideas on your shopping lists. Great designs and quality décor pieces that will make friends and family green with envy.

  • Decorative cushions and throws will not only look beautiful hung over your seating but it will offer warmth on chilly nights. Fabrics such as wool or even luxurious cashmere get top marks for style and comfort. For warmer months you could exchange them with a lighter rayon or cotton throw. Look for subtle colours and timeless patterns that will fit into any theme or design.
  • A piece of original art work to dress up walls is a very stylish and timeless element to interiors. It will show your personal taste and if it is an original it will also be completely unique! Sometimes quality is better than quantity – so one original canvas will be more appreciated than a collection of reproductions.
  • Sheer Curtains such as voile or silk curtain fabric are a really stylish addition to any room of the house and where there is beauty there is definitely function. This type of curtain will maximize light in dull areas of the home – making you feel more cheery! They also have good control over privacy and look the part in both modern and traditional decorating styles.
  • Headboardsare right on trend this year and the stylish 'must have' can suit all tastes – look for upholstered varieties if you really want to be up to date. Oversized headboards in virtually any shape or form make a wonderful addition to your boudoirs and a real glam statement.
  • Bed In A Bag Saving the best until last, this stylish essential comes with all parts for making your bed beautiful and comfortable – matching duvet covers, pillowcases, bed runners and a cushion cover sounds more like 'luxury in a bag' to us!

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