Keeping up appearances 5 - ditch your inner critic, make your home beautiful

With this post on keeping up appearances we are going to be looking out how you can discover your true style from within and learning to love it and show it off in true style. Got that? Well, it isn't always easy with the inner critic telling you that it won't match, its not 'trendy' or people will turn their noses up etc. Overcome that and simply make your home beautiful to who it counts to the most - you! This is almost a guide of sorts - to help you understand more about your individual style and what you need most from you home decorating and interior design. Enjoy!
  • Atmosphere: The first step is to think about how you want to feel when everything is complete - what atmosphere will your design create? Do you want it to feel energized and cheery or should it feel like an old library - all traditional and wise? There are many atmospheres and ways to achieve them. If you want it to remind you of the summer cheer outside then bring in some blooms for example in ready made eyelet curtains or tableware.
  • Maintenance: Your lifestyle will reveal a little about how you should design your home. If you are always on the move then you need a home that is low-maintenance and fee of clutter - a sleek minimalist design might work for you.
  • Set A Budget and Be Realistic! You might be all for opulence or luxury home design but if you are on a budget choose one special piece at a time to work in to the home design. There is no need to rush into having a collection of things but you should also think about where you can get cheap alternatives or clearance items that suit your style. Bedding and curtain sets are a good example of buying what you want at good prices.
  • Get Out And About: Inspiration is everywhere - go to home improvement shops to see their displays, browse flea markets or have a nosy in an antique shop. Pick out a few interior designers that you like and follow their progress as they come up with new designs and decorate various spaces.
  • Experiment: Read up a little on various interior design ideas and styles to have a better understanding of what makes them work so well. Choose a style that you love and experiment with it to add your own personal touch. Mixing styles is also possible if you ditch your inner critic and just give it a try!

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