Keeping up appearances 2 – dine in true style

We have just had a look at how you can create a grand entrance or making a good and lasting impression on everyone who enters your home. Now we are moving on to another space in the home that is the hosting room for entertaining your guests and enjoying meal times. Dining rooms say a lot about your decorating tastes and you will need to make an effort if you want to dine in true style. Traditional or contemporary, formal or laid-back elegance - we have something to inspire everyone and help in keeping up appearances!
  • Style starts from the ground up and the great thing about dining rooms is that they can use an abundance of different materials for flooring. True style comes with marble flooring but you can achieve it on a tighter budget with polished wood flooring. With flooring that looks this good it is best to let furniture flaunt subtle elegance and choose matching dining table and chair sets. Lucky enough to have large windows or French doors? Dress them up with ceiling hung tab top voile curtains in a sheer neutral.
  • Sometimes a stylish dining room only calls for one show-stopping accessory - chandeliers are dripping with glamour and are a classic addition to any interior design style. The latest trends have seen vintage chandeliers adorning contemporary and modern interiors for a beautiful blend of something old and something new. High glamour would be black or dark wood furniture with a rich shade of fabric in curtains and chair upholstery - think plums, ruby reds or gold highlights.
  • It wouldn't be much fun entertaining guests without the addition of a mini bar now would it? It might not get much use but all the while it is a good storage unit for your best glasses and imported wines. Just remember to practice your cocktail shake!
  • Wooden dining tables and bench seating may look like they were pulled out of the garden but with a few adjustments you have incredible style. Easy done with leather upholstery on the bench seating and a table runner with sophisticated print.
  • Treat yourself with some luxurious fabrics to dress up your dining room - do offer extra pillows to guests if they need them and choose sheer tablecloths and silk curtain fabric. Silk would be the desired choice for luxury entertaining and opulence. Give the impression of indulgence by allowing curtains to pool onto the floor. Don't forget curtain pole finials - they may be a small element to this design but with big results. We like metallic finishes, crackled glass or ceramic for real head-turners.
  • Finishing looks for dining in style would include some contemporary art canvases in rich colours and metallics, open shelving displaying your best porcelain and glassware and a fancy tiered cake-stand for table décor and yummy cupcakes!

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