Keeping up appearances 1 - make a grand entrance

Keeping up appearances is important if you want to be house proud. As far as first impressions go - there could be no better place to start your new decorating adventure than the entrance hall. It might not be a room that is highly functional or a space that you frequent - but it is the first glance of your home on arrival. We want to share some of our advice on how to achieve a grand entrance that will make you pleased to come home and make a good impression on guests. Take a peek at what we recommend:
  • A grand entrance to a period home could begin with choosing paint colours. Make the most of your period features by choosing a colour that may have been used in its original décor. Some period styles used dark and rich colours which might not be the best for an area with little light - take the same colour and choose a paler shade to make it work.
  • Many entrance halls have a staircase to take you to the next level - if you did very little with the rest of your décor you should still make a statement with a grand staircase. In a modern and contemporary interior you could make a distinctive addition with a staircase made from steel and architectural glass. Rather than remodelling from scratch you could call in the experts to create a custom railing in detailed ironwork or wood.
  • Who is in favour of a little drama? You can choose a rich shade for one wall (opposite the front door would be good) such as plum which ignites instant glamour. Go one step further and dress the wall with a trendy black wall sticker. Pick up on the colour with ready made eyelet curtains or made to measure blinds at the window and let the rest stay a clean white for contrast.
  • Where practicality and beauty meet - paying attention to details will result in a grand entrance welcoming for both you and your guests. Hardwood flooring is a classic addition to homes and with a few luxury floor rugs there will be no echo! How you choose lighting can make an entrance hall more cohesive with the rest of your home. Brass, silver, glass or crystal will sparkle and create opulence. Make sure there is adequate space to hang jackets and store shoes - plus a handy surface or wall shelving for keys and mail. Add finishing touches with some fresh flowers, bright piece of artwork and a cosy chair.

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