We long for the warm days of summer and yet when they arrive many of us are at a loss on ways to keep our homes cool and bug free. Unlike many other countries, UK homes don't have external window shutters to keep out the harsh sunlight or the heat, however, we can use our window dressing to serve the same purpose, enabling us to enjoy the warm weather without getting into too much of a sweat.
Keeping Indoors Cool:
Blackout curtains or blinds are ideal for helping to keep rooms cool, keep them closed during the day and your rooms will stay refreshingly cool.


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Blackout blinds or curtains are also ideal for stopping early morning and late evening sunlight from waking you or preventing you from getting to sleep.


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If you prefer not to darken your rooms entirely lightweight voiles are a great window dressing option in the summer. They will catch the slightest breeze when windows are opened making your rooms feel cooler. Voiles are also a good deterrent against pesky insects and although they won't stop them all from entering your home they will go a long way in reducing the numbers.


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Al Fresco Dining:

What can be better than soaking up the sun's warmth and dining al fresco? Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner outside to enjoy the most of the summer.

Spruce up your patio by adding scatter cushions and give your backside a little cushioned comfort by using chair pads.


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Cover your table with a cloth or PVC fabric if you want a wipe-clean surface that adds colour to your outdoor area.


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 PVC fabric or table cloths are also perfect for spreading on the ground in place of a picnic blanket.


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Shady Spots for Children & Pats

Children and pets love to be outside, however, the sun's harmful UV rays can cause a lot of damage to health. Make fabric tents and sun shades for children to play under and a place for pets to get some shade.


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You can also use voile to keep bugs at bay without blocking out the light.


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Make the most of summer by keeping cool inside and outdoors, before you know it the rain will return and we'll be longing for the hot days to return.