Clutter has become something of a curse word amongst homeowners and interior designers alike over the last few years. It is simply not a word that sits easily next to buzz words like minimal, chic and contemporary. A home without clutter is essential when in pursuit of the perfect modern home. A clutter free home is a stress free home and - with the world outside weighing whether it wants to implode due to world pandemics or economic meltdown – that is certainly something we could all do with at the minute.

It probably hasn’t escaped most of you that the average sized British home is much smaller than it was 50 years ago - smaller than it was 20 years ago for that matter. This probably has a lot to do with the modern obsession with minimal as an interior design style- it makes complete sense. What doesn’t quite add up however is if today’s ‘I-just-had-to-have-it’ consumer driven society is now living in ever shrinking, minimally styled, domestic art galleries- where is everyone putting all of their stuff?!

In order to cope with the hugely inflated demands of homeowners today, storage solutions these days constantly have to re-invent themselves and become bigger yet smaller, simpler but smarter.

In the living room it makes sense these days to include a sleek but spacious sideboard. They provide lots of handy concealed space to house any growing DVD collection and look much better under a standing or wall hung flat screen TV than the badly dating trolleys usually sold with televisions. A sideboard can also look great in a dining room, where it can be used to store away your best china and cutlery or in the hallway where it can be used as classier alternative to a shoe box whilst giving you something to sit the telephone on.

Extra storage can be created in the bedroom in the shape of a bed box that sits at the end of the bed. Often they will double up as a seat through a handily padded lid (covered in a fabric that matches your Julian Charles bedding or ready made roman blinds of course!), meaning you can do away with a chair at your dressing table and save some precious space.

Double usage is often the key to gaining both space and storage options. A coffee table with storage underneath, for example, or a divan bed with drawers on each side are great examples of furniture offering a double use.

Another way storage can offer another use is when its decorative qualities prevent you spending lots of money on an expensive alternative. Let me give you an example- a built-in floor-to-ceiling shelving unit not only provides tonnes of extra storage by fully utilizing the height and width of a room but it also - when filled with books or other fun knick-knacks- is easily the equal of any other feature wall such as bare brick, concrete or wood cladding and is a fraction of the cost of any of them.

While increased storage options can obviously help keep clutter at bay in your home, you also have to do your part. It really helps to keep abreast of the amount of “stuff” you have building up around the house. Going through all of your things once every few months and deciding whether each item actually gets used enough to be worth keeping will really help your home restful and relaxing.