The 'big' day has arrived and you have everything under control! The diner's prepared and cooking, your home looks marvellous, everyone is happy and full of festive cheer. We bet you're glad that you took the time to complete quick makeovers in all of your rooms, enabling you to relax and enjoy the holidays before you clear-up and get ready for the New Year celebrations! Today may not be the day to think about whether your duvet cover sets are clean, however, if you did notice that they really should be ditched and you are in need of new sets when it's calm and quiet you can give thought to the sales and all the bargains you'll be able to save money on. Why not make a list of all the soft furnishings you realised need replacing; items such as bedding, curtains, blinds, rugs etc. You'll find a whole host of wonderful designs, colours and styles available and if you shop online you won't even have to worry about getting wet and cold while shopping! We all love a bargain, however, don't get caught by items which claim to offer you huge amounts of money – after all we have cheap rugs, bedding, curtains, curtain poles and soft furnishings all year round and still have sale items for you to choose from, meaning you'll make even bigger savings. 2012 is set to be as economically hard as this year for many of us, as such you should be a savvy shopper and get the best deals without making any compromises on quality. Cheap is only better if you get good quality backed by genuine guarantees. On the other hand why pay more than you have to? Think sensibly and give your rooms makeovers to bring them up-to-date by opting for ready made versions or adopt the latest interior design trends an make your own curtains and soft furnishings by using curtain fabrics bought online. Join us next week when we show you how to get your home looking its best and ready for New Year celebrations. In the meantime, relax and enjoy the day, you've earned it. And don't fret if your soft furnishings, bedding or rugs get spoiled by over-indulged family and friends as you have the sales to look forward to and a whole new series of interior design trends to look forward to! Wishing you all a very Happy Holiday.

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