Christmas is a magical time for most children, excitement and fretful anticipation can lead to stressful times so why not give them a little space of their own and allow them to decorate their bedroom with a little festive cheer. Store Clutter: If you want to impress your little guests with your children's bedrooms, your first step is to ensure that these rooms are clean in the first place. No amount of sprucing up with soft furnishings will make a bedroom attractive when it is a mess, literally and figuratively. Start cleaning kids' rooms, get them helping in clearing up the clutter, and get them to organise their stuff into storage containers and shelves. Don't forget the floor! Clear a floor space to create play areas, use cheap rugs to hide any imperfections on the flooring. Spruce Up a Nook: Your children's rooms may have unused spaces like a spare corner or a window nook. Use these spaces to add activity corners for your children and their friends to use over the festive season. Think of placing soft cream, blue or red cushions on the bay window, if you have one, adding a few pillows and framing the nook with curtains to form a reading corner, which can soon become a favourite place for your children, boys and girls, once the festivities are over. Prepare Beds: Change duvet cover sets for freshly laundered or new to make their room look attractive and smell fresh. If friends are staying over sort out sleeping places for them. If you don't have an actual spare bed children are quite happy to 'crash' on the floor, all you have to do is supply a inflatable mattress, pillows and a duvet – as time will be at a premium put covers on duvets and pillows in advance – it may also be wise to have a bed in a bag (these contain all of the items you'll need to make up an impromptu bed) stored in the airing cupboard or neatly under a bed. Decorations: Provide a box full of Christmas decorations and let your children decorate their own room. It will keep them occupied and give you time to draw breath! You could provide a little tree or simply let them make their own ornamentations with paper, pencils and glitter pens! Keep clam and carry on this holiday and you'll have a fun time without too much stress hopefully!

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