Favourite Food:  Mum’s Homemade Sausage Casserole, chocolate brownies and strawberries. Likes:  Drawing, Interiors, Fabrics, Yoga, Blogging, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and anything vintage. Dislikes: Horror and Scary movies, Heights, Slugs, Enormous man eating spiders. Favourite Film:  Got to be Wreck it Ralph or Up!  my taste in films varies so much from the traditional ever loved Disney ( don’t judge me haha) to the amazingly animated Studio ghibli and films such as transformers. Safe to say I’d rather pick a kids film over something extremely scary any day though the grudge isn’t to bad. Favourite Music Album: I’m the type of person to love songs from various eras and styles mostly rock and pop anything from Free to Fleetwood mac to Katy Perry. Favourite Book:  A book truly has to grab me immensely for me to not be able to put it down for hours and like the film it’s got to be Howl’s moving castle.
Favourite Colour: When it comes to colour I’m really drawn to natural earthy colours like browns and creams but also have a big love for teals and olive greens when it comes to home decor and interiors. Favourite Season:  Summer has to be my favourite season, spending days lay in the sun . From Whom and/or Where do you get your inspiration from:  I tend to find inspiration in everything around me, the things I see, textures, shapes, colours and patterns and even in the people I meet.
Favourite Design Era/Style: As far as interiors goes I love shabby chic, taking furnishings or vintage items and up cycling them into new and unique furnishings and home accessories in the home to save throwing anything away. Personal design ‘No-No’:  Neon colours Personal Design ‘Thumbs Up’: Infusing your home with your own personal style that truly reflects  your own unique character , also making use of what you already have and finding innovative ways of reinventing your interiors , furnishings and accessories to make something  fresh, contemporary and new. If money was no object my bedroom would look like... :  I have to say my bedroom would definitely be bigger with a  bright and open feel filled with vintage and shabby chic furniture. Not to forget a studio come office area to do all my drawings , illustrations and blog work. If money was no object my Kitchen would look like... : Quite traditional I think , I love to cook family meals so I’d really like to have things like a bread maker , large work tops and a dish washer most of all as I really don’t like doing the dishes. If money was no object my Living Room would look like... :  Cream and quite minimalist with an open fire and baby piano to boot I think. If money was no object my home would be... : Even if money was no object I’d still just like have a little house to call my own nothing extremely expensive or fancy  probably in the countryside with plenty of space to make it my own and enjoy time with family. Top Tip: Don’t worry about doing things differently when it comes to interiors , there’s no definite right or wrong way to make your home look it’s all down to adding your own personal touches to the space where you can relax and most of all enjoy and admire all your hard work.

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