Just Married – Sharing Lives, Sharing Furniture

Adele Shotton-Pugh | Posted

For most, getting married, not only signals the beginning of an emotional partnership but also a collaboration of each others material lives within a home. From viewing properties to choosing wallpaper there are a huge number of decisions for you both to make which can inevitably lead to disagreement and argument. As with most things, however, the key to creating a beautiful and practical home that you both enjoy is compromise.

Joining Homes

Before new décor decisions are to be looked at the first challenge for a new couple is deciding which parts of their single lives to bring with them in to the home. Will it be your bed or hers, your TV or his? These factors can be quite easily resolved if you look at it from a practical not emotional angle. Ask yourselves which item is in the best condition? Which item suits the style and size of the room best? Answering these two questions and answering honestly will leave you with the most pristine and cohesive finish in your rooms that you will both be happy with.

Moving Forward

Once your existing items are happily settled within your home it is time to begin decorating and stamping your new identity on each room. Very generally speaking, men and women approach this task in two different ways. Women look for curtains, scatter cushions, vases and lampshades where as men look for new furniture, technological elements and lighting solutions. If working together this can lead to a very thorough approach which will have elements you both enjoy. For many couples however this can lead to tiresome and unsupportive shopping trips whilst your partner gets excited about all the opposite things to you. To avoid this remember that no approach is wrong and that in order to be supported yourself you must support your partner. Try and enjoy the happiness you are giving your loved one and be helpful by offering to keep an eye on budget whilst they shop for different options.

Making it Work

Understandably, if you haphazardly bring together random old and new elements in to the home it is highly likely it will result in a random and confusing finish. Consequently, it is important that before you buy new elements for the home you both agree on an overall design scheme. Whether it be two colours, a material, a finish or an image this will ensure that both of your choices should contribute not clash to the overall scheme. Use elements such as frames, fireplaces, wall art, vases and coffee tables to repeat and bring together the colours and materials used within the room. For example, if you have a large black and chrome entertainment unit choose a coffee table with chrome legs or simply add a few metal photo frames around the room. Alternatively, both choose a sideboard or shelving unit which will enclose the equipment in a stylish and minimalist way. However subtle this will help ensure each piece works within the space and the overall design scheme works.

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