Well here we are and the big day is finally here! It is now time to put your feet up and enjoy the day with family and friends. Hopefully you had chance to make some last minute improvements to your home décor and everything looks amazing! Today is a day for fun and enjoyment so try to stay calm and relaxed. With lots of stress and work to do such as cooking Christmas dinner, it can be easy to become short tempered and irritable! A good solution to this is to remind your family to help you and that it is your Christmas as well. You should not being doing all of the work and so getting help with even simple tasks, like setting the table ready for dinner can help you stay in a good mood. It is also a good idea to remember that no matter how perfect we want our Christmas Day to be there will be small things that do not go strictly to plan! Try not to set your expectation to an unrealistic level and take the day as it comes. Everything will go much smoother this way and getting stressed out or worried about every minor detail is not going to help you or anyone else. Today you can enjoy all the changes you made to your home over the past few weeks. The Christmas decorations and accessories that you put around your home. The quick design changes you made like the centrepiece on the dining room table or the new ready made curtains and made to measure blinds you put up in some of the rooms. If you went ahead and gave your rooms their mini 'quick and easy makeovers' then be ready for all the compliments and nice comments from all your family and friends. People are sure to notice if you put up a new Roman blinds in the lounge or Venetian blinds in the kitchen. It is a good idea not to get upset though if people don’t make comments as their minds could be focused on Christmas and everything else going on. You could always make a comment yourself and ask what people think! No matter what the day brings hopefully you will have a fantastic day. Christmas is a time for family and love. It's also a time for giving and for receiving, so give someone the gift of a pleasant day this Christmas and try to be kind, caring and considerate. Image: Habitually Chic

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