It has to be said that some interior design isn't always to our liking; they'll be some you drawl over others you'll think are horrendous and turn your nose up at! It's probably fair to say that it would be a dull world if we all liked exactly the same things and interior design is no exception. However, can we really believe that all interior design is done in the best possible taste? Take a look at these examples and choose whether you love them or loathe them. You'll undoubtedly find that your taste is different to mine! Purple Zebra – Tasteless Purple-Living-Room-170


This has to be one of the most tasteless interior designs I've seen. There's nothing wrong with purple – but teamed with a zebra print?   Big Kid Sandbox - Tasty 6aaae929ff70acd7d0573c2ae1226bdd


I'm sure there's a big kid in all of us just trying to escape! Who wouldn't love this Big Kid Sandbox as a place to work?! Fantasy - Tasteless 2d067ac341b8f09362e8faeb25249788


There may be aspects of this design that are tasty, however, the entire ensemble is pretty tasteless in my opinion.   Child's Playroom - Tasteless creative-children-room-interior


We all know that children should be visually stimulated with colour and pattern – however, sometimes too much of a good thing can turn out disastrous! Furthermore, according to colour psychology yellow can actually make children anxious and up-set; this insipid yellow just doesn't do it for me I'm afraid.   Castle Theme Bedroom– The verdict's out on this one! narrow-bed


I love the walls, I don't dislike the castle-themed bed, however, there's something about this room that doesn't bode comfortably for me – maybe it's the wishy-washy green of the bed and castle...   Kitsch Kitchen - Tasteless green-lines


There's kitsch and there's kitsch and this design is so visually confusing it gives you a headache just looking at it!   Chequerboard Floor - Tasteless five

Philly Curbed

This room is an interior design disaster! The black and white chequerboard floor looks completely out of place in this small living room.   Living Room - Tasteless 130129b

Ugly House Photos

Oh dear, oh dear what are these home owners thinking of?! There's no intimation of professionalism in this room.   Fitted Patterned Carpet - Tasteless windsor1

The Peak of Chic

This could be such a pretty room, but the dreadful carpet puts it into the tasteless category for me.   Papered Ceiling - Tasty Laura-u


I always think that plain ceilings are so boring! This patterned ceiling is anything but plain!

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