Interior designs for small bathrooms – monochromatic black & white

Buck the rules and rather opt for a pale colour scheme go for classical monochromatic black and white, it's surprising just how stylish black and white can look in a small bathroom. Get the balance right between the use of the two colours and you'll have a winning colour combination which embraces your small bathroom. If you don't want to dare to go entirely black graphite and gunmetal greys will also work well with white and of course, are within the monochromatic colour system so they won't look out of place. Small black tiled bathroom The trend for white bath, sinks and toilets looks as if it's going to stay around for quite some while, so if you have any colour other than white changing the style and colour will up-date a tired looking bathroom no matter what size it is. When tiling step out of your comfort zone and go large. This may seem a little contradictory in small bathrooms but using larger tiles gives the wall real definition and there's less grouting.

Slimline rectangular can be used vertically or horizontally. Vertically they'll add the illusion of more height while horizontally they'll make your bathroom appear wider. If you don't want to go large on your tiles then choose the exact opposite. Small mosaic tiles in glass or with a metal finishes provide masses of reflective surfaces that will catch the light and make the room feel and look more spacious. We've already discussed being clutter-free to make your bathroom appear larger. If you're carrying out a complete make-over try and add a niche or two on the tiled wall surrounding the bath or shower.

Niches make great storage places for the everyday essentials – they'll look even more stylish if you decant shampoo and bath gels into dispensers to match the theme and colour. As we know white looks stunning against black and will help to break-up an expanse of black tiles. White towels will add a luxury look to a monochromatic bathroom, unless you have a particularly mucky household, if you do then luxury black towels will certainly ring the changes.

Folding glass shower doors are ideal for over the bath showering, you'll be able to fold them back when not in use so that they don't interfere when you're taking a bath. It's also re-evaluating the way you perceive your bathroom, try not to use words related to size, instead use words such as chic, stylish, modern etc. and your whole perspective will soon change.

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