Interior designs for small bathrooms – changing doors

Doors are often awkward when trying to maximise space in a small bathroom. The actual door into the room and an outward opening shower door can take up valuable space. Sliding doors or concertina bi-fold doors can be very useful additions to a small bathroom – before you cringe and think of the plastic concertina doors of yesteryear, today's bi-fold doors are sleek, stylish and don't resemble the older styles in any way but their function. Tow small bathroom tiled with white wall tiles and grey floor tiles As a door to any room in your home typically opens inwards why not swap this around and have the door opening outwards. A little unconventional, but it can make a room look instantly larger and there'll be no trying to squeeze past the door to get in and out of the bathroom; you'll soon get used to the idea and its a small price to pay for giving you all the extra floor space in your bathroom. In-folding or sliding shower doors are further examples of how doors can be changed to make manoeuvrability easier and free-up much needed space inside the shower itself as well as outside the cubicle.

If you have an over the bath shower, fold back doors or half doors can also make the area look larger. If you prefer a shower curtains go for a clear, transparent one as that will also give the illusion of more space. Make you bathroom door work for its space – adding a full length mirror to the inside frees-up wall space and will allow those that shave to use a much smaller angled mirror placed above the sink. Consider using the empty space above the door as storage. A simple shelf is all that is needed.

The only potential issue is that of safety, your bathroom isn't on the comedy of errors list, so make sure you place items well back on the self and for safety only store soft objects such as toilet rolls or neatly folded towels so that no one will get hurt should the items tumble off the shelf. Make sure that shelf compliment the style and theme of your bathroom if you want to give your bathroom the wow factor. Using any-old shelf just won't do, so give careful consideration to both the style and the brackets to create unison and harmony.

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