Interior designs for small bathrooms – add personality

Make the very most of your small bathroom by giving it a personality!Although we've suggested that you use white to make the bathroom appear larger, this sometimes also means that the room will become clinical and lack any personality or character. Soft, fresh colours are ideal if you're a bubbly types of person, the colours you choose should also reflect the style of your home. Contemporary bathrooms can look stunning in pure white, but a quaint country cottage screams out for a touch of colour and pattern. Yellow Themed Bathroom Sink, White Sink And Yellow Accessories Soft pastel colours sit very nicely next to white and offer a Spring like feel to the room. Included the other aspects we've looked at this week, such as clever storage solutions, the use of mirrors and tiles to reflect light. Low ceilings and beams can make a bathroom feel cramped and a little claustrophobic so bring into play the art of illusion for making your small bathroom appear taller, wider and larger by use of colour and materials.

If there simply isn't room for storage cupboards neatly folded towels left by the side of the sink or neatly draped over the edge of a bath can look very chic and shows that your bathroom is an integral part of your home's lifestyle. Accessories will be the key to adding personality to your bathroom. The little gestures such as choosing a pretty floral window blind or a chic metallic one will let people know that you respect the age and style of your property.

Try and co-ordinate colours and themes, if you've got a country cottage wicker baskets lined with a floral fabric can tie-in with your colour scheme and decorating motif. A country cottage will also allow for more items to be displayed, while a contemporary bathroom calls for a minimalistic approach where display items are deliberately limited to the barest essentials. Don't forget homely creature comforts when giving personality to your bathroom.

Although fitted carpets are now considered old fashioned (and a potential health risk, due to the inability to get a fitted carpet scrupulously clean) stepping onto a deep piled bath mat that you can wriggle your toes in will bring an inexpensive yet homely touch. Thick luxury towels can also give indulgent comfort, more especially if it's been warmed on the radiator before wrapping around you. I'm not saying that these comforts can't be used in other styles of bathrooms, of course they can. They'll also give your bathroom identity and a personality which suits the kind of person you are.

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