Interior Design With Sexy Curves

Curves are sexy! They don't jar the eye making them visually pleasing; with no sharp or jutted angles they're also very tactile, there's nothing more appealing than running your hand around the edge of a curve! Curves can also be extremely functional in homes where residents have a sight or mobility problem; they're also child friendly too. Whether you choose curves for practical reason or you simply love the style they provide I've found some fabulous examples of interior design with sexy curves for you to browse.  

 Guiding Home

Circular beds are incredibly sexy!  


The curvaceous line of these gorgeous stairs is elegant and refined.  

Top Interior Designs

Circular seating arrangement mirrors the circular ceiling to give the room a sense of balance.  


Curves and rounded ends on work surfaces and furniture are very child friendly.  


Long sweeping curves speak for themselves.  


Curves can be incorporated into many aspects of interior design.  


Oozing style and elegance the curves included in this living room reflect luxury living.  

Four Walls Plus Love

Curves used in a bathroom offer a peaceful and tranquil look.  

Design Milk

Amazing kitchen with beautiful curved walls.  

Pure Contemporary

Contemporary furniture designs use sensuous curves beautifully.  


The slim curved legs of this washstand are incredibly sexy!