Interior design: what 'wood' you do?

As a natural resource you'd be hard to beat wood. It's been used to build homes and furniture since time immemorial. Today it's seeing a resurgence in popularity as people look for ways to use this beautiful product into their homes as a bid to move anyway from chemical filled products. Wooden purpose built eco living room with modern wooden armchairs and funky grey seats

Home Design Lover

The natural grain of wood makes a superb pattern that brings a warmth and homeliness to a room. Dark grey wall colours with cream sofa and armchair, adorned with cream and orange cushions, plus a cream and orange geometric rug

That Gal From Socal

Mirror and picture frames made from reclaimed wood are a great way to use wood in any style of home. A selection of wooden bowls placed on a table top

University of the Sunshine Coast

Turned wood makes fabulous bowls and dishes – this form of wood art has been used for centuries for both purposeful and aesthetic additions to the home. A small wooden side table with a top that is a collection of oval wooden blocks grouped together

Bird House Plan

Wooden furniture in any style offers a distinctive look to a home. Light wooden table with legs made from a collection of wooden blocks irregularly grouped together

Design Wagen

This swivel legged coffee table is testament to the versatility of wood. Wooden chair or side table with narrow cone shaped legs


Knotty and grained wood has a beauty all of its own. Modern dark wood rocking chair with green and red diamond patterned pads


There's some wonderful examples of reclaimed and up-cycled wood available to inspire you. Right angled seats placed within a hollowed out tree trunk to make funky modern chairs

Newyork Markt

Rustic and contemporary rolled into one in these awesome wooden chairs. Oak furniture in a white dining room, including table, chairs, drawers and display units

Interior Designs Guide

Wooden furniture has graced our homes over the centuries; its versatility and practicality never goes out of fashion. Dark wood four poster bed with intricately carved arch and rose pattern, with traditional trunk storage at the foot of the bed


Wood allows flexibility to the craftsmen, enabling to create the most ornate carvings and decoration. Wooden sink bowl sitting on a dark blue counter, with matching dark blue wall behind and white wall to the left

Home Pouch

Loving this contemporary hand basin made from wood.

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