The first of our Summer Living blogs offers interior and exterior design ideas using pretty pastel curtain fabrics and soft furnishings to create a quintessentially British tradition of afternoon tea. You may not be eating cucumber sandwiches on the lawns of Bucking Palace but there's no reason with a little ingenuity and some of our Outdoor Living ideas you can't be easting scones with strawberry jam and cream or a bowl of strawberries and cream while relaxing in your outdoor living area. If your garden or patio furniture looks a little worse for wear, new seat pads and a summer themed table cloth will give it an instant up-date. Choose curtain fabrics to co-ordinate with seat pads and cushions in a colour and pattern which suits the style of your garden and home. Modern homes and gardens look stunning using mid-tone ranges of greens and pinks. Candy stripes and modern checks work well together and can be combined with a range of plain fabrics to contrast each other. Try Pampas Hot Pink teamed with Flo Raspberry or Jazz Tropicana. For a country cottage garden floral patterns are key – Nostalgia Claret sit comfortably next to Jardin Lime and Porto Summertime stripes, all complimented with Aurora Piped Cushion Rose cushions. You can mix and match a wide range of pretty pastel colours to create a beautiful, homely and welcoming look in your garden or summer house. In stark contrast contemporary designed outdoor living spaces can be injected with pops of bright Summer colours; Paradise Lime Cushion with its single hot pink fern leaf pattern sets against a lime coloured background will add comfort, style and texture to outdoor seating. If you want to add floral patterns opt for modern designs such as Rossitta Raspberry or Elixir Parrot. Whatever the style of your outdoor living space there's lots you can do to enhance its appearance simply by using curtain fabrics, table linen and ready made cushions. The colour and pattern combinations are endless – which means you can have bespoke soft furnishings outside as well as inside your home this summer.

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