Interior design summer time special: using pretty pastels

Soft, powdery pastels are not only beautiful to look at, they are also very easy to use in interior design. Pastel colours work great with both darker and lighter shades. Unlike saturated colours that can clash with contrasting shades, all pastel hues can be used together without a problem. To get started on your pastel makeover, pick a few shades that you love and think of the interior design style that you want to create in your room.

Pastels can work for all rooms and styles ranging from cool, contemporary living rooms to sophisticated, traditional bedrooms. Combining soft pastel colours with darker shades is a great technique. The striking colour contrast can add depth to any area of your home. For example, walls with a light pink background and thin dark purple stripes look stunning because of the eye-catching contrast.

If you want to use this painting technique, there is one thing you should keep in mind when it comes to balancing two different shades. The amount of each one you use can have a big impact on how your walls look. If you want a dramatic change, use mostly dark colours with pastel accents. For an understated look, do the opposite by using mostly pastel shades with a few splashes of a darker colour. Contrasting colours don't just look great on walls.

The concept can also be applied to furniture and soft furnishings. A dark espresso sofa or armchair can look amazing with light pastel cushions in any shade. Light pastels instantly soften darker colours, so using both together is a great way to create a balanced space. Pair pastels with saturated colours anywhere in your home for a picture-perfect professional interior design look.

Since pastels have a calming effect, it's a good idea to use them in your bedroom décor. Pastel bedding is perfect for sleeping because the soft, chalky colours are soothing and peaceful. You can also use pastels on the walls or on your window coverings. Pretty pastel curtains look whimsical, and they can make the entire room feel like a secluded, relaxing getaway spot.

Pair the curtains with a rug in the same colour family to create a unified theme. If you truly love pastels, don't be afraid to use them in all rooms. Pastel yellow walls can make your kitchen look sunny and uplifting. Pastel greens and greys are perfect for the home office. Since pastel colours work with many different shades, it's hard to make a mistake, so play around with different looks to find the best one for your living space.

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