Interior design summer time special: tips for taking white from boring to fabulous

White is a basic colour, but it doesn't have to look that way. Because white is a blank canvas, you can use it for anything. It can look amazing with any colour, so you have a lot of freedom when using it in your home. The key to getting the most out of white is using it with other colours. White can look a bit boring when it's used alone, but it can look stunning when paired with bright colours that stand out against its starkness.

Overall, white is a very elegant and sophisticated colour that works well in stylish spaces. Since white is not a stand-alone colour, it's important to break it up with other colours throughout the room you are decorating. It's a good idea to start your interior design project by deciding if you want to use white on the walls or in your furniture.

You can do both if you want an ultra-modern space, but it's not a good idea if you are trying to build a room that feels warm and inviting. Too much white can make any space look cold and unfriendly, so think carefully about where you want to use it. You should also decide what other colours you want to use alongside the white. Just because white goes with every colour, doesn't mean that you should use a rainbow of colours in the same space.

Choose one or a few complementary colours to pair with white. If you do like the idea of using white on your walls but think it'd be too boring as an all-over colour, try colour-blocking. It's a popular technique that involves putting together contrasting blocks of colour and forming a bold geometric pattern.

Doing this on your wall is fairly easy, and it can make a huge difference in how the room looks. For walls that have some colour on them, white furniture is a great choice. White pieces look chic and sophisticated in front of coloured walls because they seem sharper and more streamlined. To soften the look, accessorise white furniture with bright cushions and curtains.

Be sure to pick cushions, window blinds and curtains in matching colours or in the same colour family. To make the space brighter and homier, place a colourful rug in the middle of the room. A splash of colour in the centre will bring everything together and help balance out the white on your walls or furniture.

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