Interior design summer time special: tips for designing a beautiful blue room

A blue colour scheme is ideal for rooms where you go to relax and unwind like the living room or the bedroom. The blue colour family is full of peaceful, beautiful shades that can be used for any room style whether you prefer classic elegant décor or contemporary minimalist design. If you've never created a whole room based on one colour, a blue room is a great place to start.

There are dozens of interesting blue shades you can use in your design, and most are very easy to work with as long as you don't pair them with clashing colours. Although you can use many shades of blue in the same space, it's a good idea to pick a specific colour theme. Do you want to create a relaxing light blue sky-inspired bedroom?

Or are you more interested in an exotic turquoise living room? Pick a blue that reflects your needs and personality. Keep the function of the room in mind when you choose. If you are shopping for your bedroom, be careful about choosing energising colours like turquoise or teal blue. They might be too bright for a space where you sleep. Some people do enjoy bold colours in the bedroom though, so it might work for you if you love bright colours and don't find them overwhelming.

Don't stop at your walls. If you want to create a true blue room, use soft furnishings and accessories to cover the rest of the room in various shades of blue. If you use a dark blue colour on the wall, pick out a delicate cornflower blue or sky blue bedding to offset it. If you use a light colour on the wall, pick a matching bedspread that has some white in it or other neutral colours. Use bold blue cushions and curtains to make all the blues in the room stand out a little more. White walls or very light blue walls also look great with big blue furniture pieces like a blue sofa or armchair.

You don't need to stick strictly to shades in the blue family when creating a blue room. Blue looks great alongside many different colours although you do have to choose them based on the shade of blue you are using. Complementary colours for light blue include light pink, cream and soft yellow. Darker blues look better with cool yellow, dark green and brick red. Blue and white is a classic combination and is easy to pull off no matter what shade of blue you choose.

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