Interior design summer time special: how to use nude in your living room

Nude is a great colour for living rooms that are natural and understated. Many people avoid nude shades in home décor because they see them as colourless. The idea that nude is a boring light colour is a common conception. Although it is lighter than many other shades, nude is far from colourless.

Although the exact hue can vary, nude colour is a beautiful champagne shade. It can also be compared to a natural sandy colour. Using it in your living room is simple, and it's a great way to make bright colours and dark furniture pieces really stand out. The way nude shades should be incorporated into your living room depends on whether you want to use it mostly on your walls or in the décor itself. Nude walls are very calming, and they are a great backdrop to colourful furniture and soft furnishings.

A good tip to follow if you think all-over nude walls are too basic for your living room is painting one wall a different colour. Sophisticated shades like olive, grey and brown can be the perfect accent to soft nude walls. You can even use nude coloured frames to hang up wall art on the darker wall to really tie in all the colours together. Another way to spice up your nude walls is by using bright colours. Bold shades will stand out even more against the light champagne background.

Choose eye-catching colours like bright shades of red, green and orange, but use them sparingly. Bright colours look best on smaller items like sofa cushions, table lamps and coffee table accessories. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to paint your walls with a nude colour to incorporate the shade into your living room.

Nude can be used anywhere in the room from furniture and curtains to accessories and window blinds. You can even paint your furniture with a nude colour if you want to make a big change without spending a lot of money. Besides pairing nude shades with brighter colours to make them look more vibrant, use patterns.

Geometric patterns that have warm shades like nude and dark brown are very trendy and easy to find. They can look great in both a modern space and a classic living room. Other patterns can look great as well as long as they are not too busy. If you are using colourful accessories and furnishings to complement your nude walls, remember to stick to the same colour family. Too many contrasting colours in one space can quickly overwhelm a space of any size.

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