Interior design summer time special: add some shimmer to your home with metallic colours

Many people are intimidated by metallics because they have no idea how to use them. Unlike other traditional shades, metallic colours don't have the same matte finish, so they are harder to work with. However, that doesn't mean you can't use them to create some sparkle in your living space. Although it's true that you probably shouldn't put metallic shades on your walls or all over your furniture, you can use them to decorate and accessorise any room.

Once you have a few simple interior design ideas and concepts down, you can get started on your metallic décor project with ease and confidence. The first tip you should remember is that metallic colours add depth to one-dimensional spaces and objects. A boring white picture frame can look bold and modern with a coat of metallic paint. Metallic colours add dimension because they are naturally multi-dimensional shades.

When light hits metallics, it bounces around and creates a perception of depth. You can apply this concept to decorating any home accessories including lamps and wall decorations. You can either apply a coat of metallic paint to accessories that you already own or purchase new ones. Another easy and affordable technique is using metallics as accent colours. You can paint a beautiful metallic border that stretches on all four walls or use metallic soft furnishings to elevate boring furniture and spaces. If you absolutely must have a metallic colour all over the walls, invest in wallpaper.

Metallic wallpapers look better than paint because they are usually created with special patterns that make the effect lighter and more subtle. As far as furniture is concerned, be very careful with how you use metallic colours. If you paint the legs of a stool, cover it with a solid-coloured cushion that softens the shimmery metallic shade. Avoid big furniture pieces that come in unconventional metallic colours like red or green. If you really want a metallic piece of furniture, look for light gold or silver pieces.

Using curtains is an easier way to add a beautiful metallic colour to any room. Sheer metallic curtains can look especially beautiful when they are hit with sunlight. When they filter out direct sunlight, the fabric glitters with many different shades of the same colour. Solid metallic curtains hung from metal curtains poles can also look great, but remember to pick out a metallic colour that matches the rest of the room's décor.

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