Interior design styles: whimsical

If you like to throw caution to the wind and have an out-going personality a whimsical interior design style will suit you down to the ground! Although this design style allows for plenty of fun and fanciful elements you'll also need to make sure that within the chaos there is some sort of order, otherwise you'll just end up with a jumble mess which is cluttered and lacks character and definition.


Choosing the right colour scheme plays a huge part in getting this interior design style right. It's best to choose your favourite colour or colours and use the colour wheel path to lead you to the various shades and hues.


Apart from colour you can also include patterned wallpaper or the latest self-adhesive wall decals to bring interest to your walls.

Window Dressing

Add the fun element by using curtains uk which have an unusual pattern or print, you can include further elements of surprise and a touch of whimsy by using beaded or tassel tie backs in a contrasting colour and texture from the curtain fabric. If you prefer to use wooden blinds spruce them up a little with a completely different coloured pull-cord or add a contrasting fabric to the lower edge of wood-weave Roman blinds.


have fun with colours and use large rugs with a wacky pattern or print to contrast against plain flooring. Alternatively opt for two completely different types of rugs within the same room, for example a sheepskin rug and a faux tiger skin.


Bring the ordinary type of furniture into the realms of the extraordinary by using cushions and throws with zany and/or humorous prints and patterns. Your furniture doesn't have to be matching, but it will need to have a common theme and connection.


This is were you can really let your hair down and stamp your own individuality into your home. Collections of knick-knacks will suit this interior design style really well – more especially if they are out of the ordinary! Adding the unexpected to your rooms is crucial to getting the style right – use juxtapositions of items to add intrigue – think along the lines of the element of surprise, for example in a bedroom you would expect to see a bed – you can add a touch of whimsy by using bedding which has an unusual or daring pattern!

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