Interior design styles: victorian

The Victorian style is one of the most popular interior design styles and has been adopted and used by many people who don't necessarily live in a Victorian home. This lavish interior design style includes lots of different fabrics, textures, colours and furniture. In fact if you love having knick-knacks in your home this could be the interior design style to adopt. Walls: Paint was predominately used, especially in bedrooms where visitors are guests weren't staying. The colours are deep and rich, but they're muted rather than bright. Reds, golds and dark green can also be used to achieve the look.

Keep away from brilliant white as it hadn't been invented in Victorians times, if you want to use a light colour then ivory or cream would be ideal. The Victorians also adored patterns and downstairs in rooms which were most frequented by guests, wallpaper with fauna and flora, butterflies and birds were used extensively.

Window dressings: In the parlour lavish full length curtains and drapes were used. These were made from luxury fabrics including velvet and brocades during the colder months and switched to lightweight cotton, chintz and lace during the warmer months which also had a curtain lining to provide privacy when the finer fabrics were used. There are plenty of curtains online in colours and styles which would suit a Victorian interior perfectly.

Flooring: Hardwood flooring was used along with large rugs, especially those with an Oriental pattern. In hallways tiles were also used and of course servants quarters had to make do with hand made 'rag' rugs to step onto before getting in or out of bed!

Furniture: There's plenty of genuine or reproduction Victorian furniture available, so it would be wise to choose these over modern alternatives. Lighting: This should be illuminating and beautiful. Dark corners should be lit with table lamps, particularly those with glass shades or shades with pretty fringes. Accessories: The Victorians loved to show off, and the more they could cram into a downstairs room the better! Trophies from hunting expeditions and safaris were displayed with pride.

Porcelain figurines, china tea sets, large ornate mirrors along with oil canvases and portraits are among the many items you can use to accessorise a Victorian home. You could also include a collection of family photographs, especially those of your own ancestors which can be grouped together with photographs of newer family members, silver or silver coloured frames are the ideal choice.

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