Interior design styles: traditional

When we talk about traditional interior design style we could easily encompass any country's traditions and incorporate them into our homes. Today we're going to take a look at British traditional interior styles, which again can varying depending which part of the British Isles you live!


Traditionally colours are muted, duck-egg blues, sage greens, creams and ivories which provide a soft and calming look to the rooms. Wooden furniture, flooring along with wooden blinds bring depth and character to traditionally styled homes. In the past the darker shades of mahogany and dark oak where used, however, today interior have lightened up and the paler woods of light oak, beech and ash are being used to create a traditional look which is suits a more modern style of home.


As mentioned in the past wooden or parquet flooring was common place, with large rugs being used to make flooring more comfortable underfoot as well as bringing a warm look to rooms. This style of flooring still rings true today, just with lighter colours being used. Many traditional homes also opt for fitted carpets and place rugs in front of the fireplace, however, this tradition is gradually fading out as many homes no longer have fireplaces.


If you want to stay true to the traditional style fabrics made in Britain are to be included in your home. This may be a task in finding them but it is possible if you're prepared to spend a little more on your soft furnishings. Traditional tartan curtains and checked fabrics are perfect for cushions and throws, particularly during the winter months.

Window Dressings

Typically full length curtains UK are used. The colour choice should be reflected elsewhere in the room in order to bring a sense of balance and harmony. There are lots of different curtain choices with traditional patterns for you to use. These can be used on their own of in combination with wooden blinds or roller blinds if a swag and tails window dressing is chosen. Often, but not always, curtains are hung from large diameter wooden curtain poles which co-ordinate with the rest of the wood within the room.


Carefully selecting your accessories is a 'must' if you want the end result to stay within the perimeters of a traditionally styled home. Family portraits and photographs are often displayed on mantle pieces or small occasional table. Floor and table lamps are used to create quite corners for reading, while seasonal flowers are also displayed in living and dining rooms.

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