Interior design styles: shabby chic

The Shabby Chic interior design style is becoming increasingly popular; this may be due to the fact that furniture and furnishings don't necessarily have to be brand new which means potential monetary savings, along with the ability to use a variety of soft furnishings and accessories – which again don't have to be bought new. However, don't be fooled into thinking that this is a really easy interior design style with an 'anything goes' opinion, because to get it right you'll need to do some planning and give careful considerations to the colours, patterns, furniture and soft furnishings you choose.


Colours for walls are typically muted rather then brilliant whites. Soft pinks, pastel greens and hazy blue skies teamed with pretty peach, pale rose reds, lavenders and sage greens are perfect. If you want to use wallpaper, include floral patterns which include cottage flowers and roses.


Wooden floors and natural tiles are ideal and should have large rugs covering the high traffic areas. To stop them from slipping on smooth flooring use anti-slip backing.


Distressed furniture, wrought iron and wood can all be used in a Shabby Chic interior. Old pieces can sit comfortably next to new as long as there is a common theme.


Cottons, wool, chintz, velvet are just a few of the fabric possibilities to use. Try and steer away from fabrics which have a bright white background if you want an more aged look and style. Pretty embroidered bedding, bed throws and cushions with lace edging can also be included and give another texture and dimension.

Window Dressings

Curtains are typically used in all rooms. If your home is a cottage shorter curtains, rather than full length can look stunning and not too overpowering if the windows are small. Add a curtain lining to help the curtains fall correctly and give you some insulation from draughts.


Pretty tea cups, cake-stands and collections of vintage plates, jelly moulds and black and white or sepia photographs can all be used. Shabby Chic leans favourably towards having plenty of accessories in every room, although this isn't to be confused with a dumping ground or unnecessary clutter. Wicker baskets with a pretty floral fabric linings make ideal storage containers. Flowers can be displayed from old tea-pots and even Wellington boots to give your home a slightly whimsical look while still remaining true to the Shabby Chic style.

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