Interior Design Styles: Romantic

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We all have a touch of romance in us and although we may not want to share this with anyone except our partner, including touches of romance in your home is a great way to create a family atmosphere. You don't have to have red or pink walls and heart shaped ornaments to create the look; simple additions such as photographs of loved ones will show your romantic side.

The bedroom is where most people add a romantic touch and quite rightly so, as this is one room in the house which you don't have to share with anyone bar your partner. By using soft furnishings, bedding and colour you can add as little or as much romance as you like – sometimes subtly works better than full-on – but that's for you to decide!


If you don't fancy red or pink then you can choose other colours, especially warm colours – those which have red undertones – and you also include a little glam into the room by using gold or silver as accent colours.

The Focal Point

If you have the room a super king size bed will be perfect. As your bed will be the focal point in the room luxury bedding is a 'must have' in a romantic styled bedroom; choose patterns to suit your colour scheme and again superking duvet covers don't have to be covered in hearts if you think this a little kitsch or passé, simple floral or geometric patterns can also work extremely well. Include plenty of boudoir styled cushions in a variety of sensual fabrics such as silk, satin or velvet. Use large rugs to help bring comfort underfoot, the soft velour or sheepskin (faux or genuine) styles are ideal.

Window Dressing

One aspect of your bedroom décor you shouldn't overlook is your window dressing and while you may want this to in keeping with the romantic theme you don't want to be overlooked by neighbours or passers-by! Wooden blinds are ideal as their natural warmth will compliment most colour schemes, you can always add curtains or sheer voiles to soften the look.


Accessories need to be chosen carefully, too many hearts or symbols associated with romance can look at little over the top, whereas a few strategically placed items can evoke a romantic look. Dimmer switches and bedside table lights will also help to create a romantic ambience.

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