Interior design styles: olde world

Olde World interiors have a delightful charm about them and although this style of interior steps back in time you can still include all the mod-cons we've become accustomed to, such as central heating and fitted kitchens, internal bathrooms (rather than a shed at the bottom of the garden!) you'll just have to disguise them so that they don't stick out like a sore thumb!


Floors should be made of natural materials such as wood or stone. Large rugs will help to stave off the cold during the colder months and will also bring colour to large open areas.


Plain walls painted cream or off-white will help to bring light to the rooms; wainscoting and panel walls can also be used to great effect. Texture walls, although older houses may already have this through natural whitewashing on rough plaster, should contrast and compliment each other.


Damasks, jacquards, brocade and velvet are ideal fabrics for curtains, drapes and soft furnishings. In the bedroom your bedding can be a modern duvet, but to achieve a more authentic look quilted bedspreads are ideal and can be used as well as duvets. If you want luxury bedding opt for duvet sets which have embroidery or those which have a faux silk edging.


Keep the walls as light as possible. Use accents in rich ruby reds, burnt oranges or moss greens, any of these colours will compliment cream or ivory beautifully.


Olde World interiors often have small lead-light windows which can cause dark corners at night you will need good lighting to see. Lamps and the warm glow of an open fire can create an incredible atmosphere in the evening as you sit found with a warm drink and talk about the day. It’s a good idea to have multiple lamps so that you can achieve a low lighting effect if you wish or turn more on for a fully lit room.


A traditional Olde World interior typically have tapestries hung on the walls rather than wall art. Old sepia photographs of country life can also be used in dining rooms and kitchens. Other accessories can follow a rustic rural theme or a more modern approach imitating the gentry and wealthy land-owners by way of family portraits. Include cushions and throws which are plain or have an muted pattern, to help set the Olde World scene.

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