Interior design styles: new york

This interior design style relates to the loft-style, born from making homes from old New York industrial buildings, the style has moved a long way since its origins and now is a much sought after interior design style for city slickers and those who love to live life in the fast lane.

Walls: Wallpaper with a large print is used to make a statement wall, the notion that large open spaces can take these large prints and patterns lies true, however, smaller New York styled lofts can also use them, just as long as they're in smaller quantities. Pipe-work doesn't have to be hidden it can still next to wood and look striking.

Furniture: Use small groups of furniture to maximise the space, especially if it's limited – a point to note is that not all New York homes are large and sprawling, many are modest in size and yet still make an impact. Modular seating works well, also distressed leather sofas and chairs. Make the room a casual living area with plenty of cushions with bright prints.

Flooring: Keep the concrete if you want to, paint it white and use large rugs to give it life. If you have wooden floors polish them and also use rugs to give pattern and warmth to the room.

Kitchens: Island units, retro bar stools and silver coloured white goods are perfect for this chic style. Bedrooms: Use bright bold coloured bedding and superking size duvet covers. As the bedroom will be larger than a standard bedroom don't try and over crowd it with furniture – keep things simple, yet practical and functional and then step back and leave the room alone!

Kid's Rooms: Fun and playtime can dominate a kid's room. Use bright colours for wallpaper and children's curtains. Include faux skin rugs for playing and rolling on, store toys in open boxes, New York loft style does work well if you have children, especially if you give them the freedom to move around safely and include a wide variety of textures.

Accessories: Keep them personal, as the space is large you don't have to cover walls with pictures – let the wallpaper prints do the talking for you and prop large mirrors against a wall to create the illusion of even more open space and to help light to move around the room. Inject fun into this interior design style and don't restrain yourself from adding something new and different. Large open spaces can work extremely well, but you do also have to have a little order in your life style to make it work for you.

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