Interior design styles: mission

This interior design style can have many interpretations, however, for the majority it inspired by the Arts & Crafts movement and in particular the Prairie style of Frank Lloyd Wright and his use of built-in storage which we are also seeing a resurgence of in modern homes today.


Warm colours, in particular burnt oranges, reds and deep intense yellows are used to compliment dark wooden furniture. Having an accent wall was also a hallmark of this style of interior and once again we see this being re-introduced on today's interiors.


Instantly recognisable with its straight, clean lines. There were no pieces with elaborate ornamentation as this went against the grain of the Mission style. Hand-crafted and bespoke pieces are ideal, but there's plenty of newer designs which will work beautifully with this style of interior.


Stained glass was popular although used purely for aesthetic appeal with the window frames remaining in tune with the clean, straight lines of the architecture of the building. Dark wooden blinds would make the ideal window covering more especially if it's the same colour as furniture and furnishings.


Hardwood floors are ideal and will help to bring a serenity and uniformity to a room. Terracotta styles can also be used, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Either type of floor would also have large rugs in warm colours to co-ordinate with the rest of the room.


Blocks of solid colour are perfect for curtains uk, chair throws and scatter cushions. This style also lends itself to using bold prints and patterns just as long as they aren't the dominant feature in a room.


As we've mentioned stained glass in small quantities are ideal and you don't have to rely on natural light, table lamps with stained glass shades in an angular style are perfect, brass table and floor lamps will also help to illuminate dark corners.


Adopting a 'less is more' attitude will help you to keep in-line with Mission interiors. Mirrors can also help to bring light into rooms which are dark due to the colour of the wood, just remember not to have an overly ornate frame. Older styles of accessories with angular designs will be great especially is the incorporate functionality - although having too many are you'll ruin the look in an instant.

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