Interior design styles: mediterranean

Mediterranean interior design style have become popular all over the world due to their rich textures and colors. There are three main countries that make up the inspiration for this look and each has it’s own differences. Spanish style interiors have a Moroccan feel with stucco walls, patterned tiles and wrought iron. The Greek influence comes from the ocean, with crisp aquas, turquoises and deep blues contrasted against white plaster walls.

The Italian aesthetic takes it cues from the use of lots of earthy colours and materials, like clay tiles, rustic wood beams and terracotta. There is a lot of design choice when it comes to Mediterranean interior design that you can incorporate into your home.


When it comes to selecting the flooring for your mediterranean design you have plenty of options. white washed flooring is common as well as terracotta tiled floors or light coloured titles.

Mosaics are another classic way to decorate the floor and can really add to the room as a major design feature. These can be a lot more difficult to do yourself unless you have an artistic flare but a professional could be hired if needed.


When it comes to colours try to think of the beach as your inspiration. Sandy yellows, white colouds and the incredible blues of the sea should help you achieve that Mediterranean look. If you are going for a more Italian design then earthy colours and a more rustic look will work well.

Fabrics and textiles

White fabrics are widely used not only for their design and looks but also from practical reasons. Light colour material will stay cooler in the hot Mediterranean weather making seats, bedding and other textiles more comfortable to use.

Window dressings

White curtains are very typical as well as roman blinds. Both are great for not only being drawn at night, but also to block out the sun during the day. Using a light coloured curtain will also let light into the room.


Candles in glass are widely used as lighting in Mediterranean homes as well as a table lamp often with plain colours of white and blue or with patterns or Mosaics.


Mosaics are also commonly seen in the accessories used, such as on tables and mirrors. Stone or plaster statues are also traditional and help to add interest to areas of the room. Pictures and painting of sea landscapes help to tie in with an ocean feel.

Getting it right

To really make your interior design work try to pick a Mediterranean countries style and work with it. Try to include all the the characteristic features associated with the look and work with it. You will be amazed at how fantastic a well done Mediterranean design can look in any home.

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