Interior design styles: lodges

When it comes to designing the interior for your lodge or wood cabin it can be a daunting task when you are unsure where to begin. How the overall look and feel ends up depends on if you want to go for a more traditional and rustic feel or have something more contemporary and modern. This article will look at both and hopefully give you a few ideas you can use for some inspiration when deciding which style is best for your lodges interior.

Flooring: A traditional lodge will have a natural wooden floor showing, often vanished to help seal it and make it more hardwearing. This can help to enhance a more rustic feel, as you would expect inside a lodge the whole thing is made of wood. For a more modern look you can opt for carpets to be laid over the wooden floor. A better and easier option is to simply add a modern style rug to the floor to create that modern vibe while still keeping the amazing wooden flooring on display.

Colours: A rustic lodge will effectively use warm colours and browns to work with the wood of the cabin. Reds and burgundy are a great option here and will add a real depth of colour to create the desired look. A more modern lodge will tend to move away from the rustic and look more like a normal home inside. This gives you the option to use any colour scheme you wish. Fabrics and textiles: Fabrics should help add contrast to the lodge and add hints of colour to help break up everything looking wood colour.

Patterns and floral designs are traditional and can also work in more modern style if you select the right kinds. Sticking to reds and warm colours for things like cushions and even super king size duvet covers in the bedroom will create warmth. While natural light shades of greys and whites will work well in the main living room as it will compliment the stone work of the fireplace. You can pick up all of the material you need from a fabric warehouse.

Window dressings: Curtain pole brackets can easily be installed over your windows if you wish to hang curtains using curtain poles. These can really help to keep the heat in and help to block out the light that may come through the shutters at night. Wooden window blinds are also a great option as they will match perfectly with the wooden inside of the lodge.

Getting it right: If you are going for a traditional rustic lodge then using warm colours and a healthy dose of hunting accessories will really help to bring the interior together. For a more modern approach you can treat the interior like rooms in a regular home using any style you wish.

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