Interior design styles: kitsch

Kitsch interior design is all about attracting attention rather than going for a look that is typically considers beautiful by the general masses. It is a style that endeavors to shock and to be showy, a break from the norm while still having it’s own theme. Kitsch interiors stand out from more classical designs and are often a very personal look, so it is best to create the room yourself over hiring a designer or at least have a very strong input into the look of them room.


The flooring in Kitsch interior design like all areas is completely open to your own expression. There are no rules to follow to achieve this look. It’s all about creating impact. The style has a very arty expressive side that should be oozing with your own personality. A simple carpets or wooden flooring can work as a blank canvas on which to create your room on, or the floor itself can be extravagant and expressive. The choice of how you create your own Kitsch floor is up to you.

Looking at pictures of other peoples Kitsch interior designs can help give you inspirations and ideas.


Bold and bright colours are common but often not over the top. It’s all about stepping outside of the box and doing something different yet still stylish. The colour pallet still needs to work and be pleasing while still creating a statement.

Fabrics and textiles

Interesting and unique fabrics and textiles can help add flare and impact to the room. Anything from a room designed with animal print, faux fur and leather to a room with a sofa full of cushion with interesting patterns can be used to create this look.

Using a fabric warehouse you can be sure to find something for you.

Window dressings

Curtains and blinds of all types can work but try to avoid anything plain. Bright patterns and colours will add to the overall feel and create the desired look. Lime green curtains or retro 60's patterns, anything goes. It’s all about taking the traditional rules of interior design and breaking them but with style.


Anything from a stylish Retro lamp to super futuristic lighting, nothing is out of the question. Using lighting to create mood and to highlight key areas within the room when done correctly can really help to enhance the overall feel.


Artwork and accessories should be unique and interesting items. Avoid traditional art and opt for more expressionist pieces. Every item needs to make a statement and have a story. Kitsch is all about taking the bland and the norm and creating something wild and special.

Getting it right

Injecting your own style and tastes into your Kitsch interior design is vital to the philosophy behind the look. Step outside the everyday traditions of how a room should look and create something shocking and worth talking about.

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