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Interior design styles: gothic

Gothic interior design style is typically associated with dark, medieval and mysterious. More appropriately it should show mythical, religious, rich colours and interiors which are laced with history. Originally the style was used for churches and it wasn't until the middle of the 18th century did it become an interior design style for homes.


If you want to replicate Gothic style then flooring should be stone or plain concrete, however, this doesn't really suit modern lifestyles or homes, so a great alternative would be dark wooden floors and used rugs in bold colours.


We usually believe that to have a Gothic interior black is a must and while this may be true in some respects you can also use deep jewelled tones such as ruby reds, deep amethysts and deep sapphire blues. Fabrics and textiles: Fabrics and textiles should be used in abundance, from window dressings, walls and furnishings.

Window dressings

Use heavy curtains which are intentionally too long and pool and puddle onto the floor and hang them from large diameter wooden or metal curtain poles. If you have large windows it may be necessary to use additional curtain pole brackets to take the strain off the pole, more especially if your curtain fabric is very heavy. In stark contrast you can also use lightweight voile curtains in plain black, white or jewelled tones – always go for full length and allow sufficient length for the puddling effect to look sensuous and romantic.


Lighting is used to add a sense of drama to rooms. Wrought iron light fixtures and table lamp bases are ideal. As Gothic lighting is all about setting the right mood candles should also be included along with dimmer switches on central lighting and wall sconces.


Look for various sizes of candles; use different textures such as velvet and satin for cushions and throws. Wrought iron and dark wood sculptures and emphasise the magical and romance of the mid 18th century when and wherever you can.

Getting it right

It's easy to go wrong when trying to achieve the Gothic look, often rooms turn into dark, dreary spaces which lack definition or character. If you want a success it's well worth spending some time researching this interior design style in more depth. Don't believe that you can simply use black everything and it will instantly be labelled Gothic, because in reality it won't!

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