Interior design styles: eclectic

The interior design style referred to as Eclectic is often mistaken for a haphazard form of interior where irrespective of what you throw into a room it will look fine and automatically be regarded as an inclusion to the Eclecticism of the room. This perception cannot be further from the truth, Eclectic interiors have just as much thought, effort and creativity is applied to this interior design style as it is to any other.

One of the greatest advantages of Eclectic interiors is the possibility of bringing together a range of different styles and designs which have a common theme and are interesting enough in their own right to be included within the harmony of the room. Colour also plays a vital role and prevents an Eclectic room from becoming bland and boring.

A variety of different texture, as with any other interior design style, is also required if you're to succeed in achieving the desired interconnected look. Eclecticism also means you have the ability to mix rather than match furniture and soft furnishings. You can introduce hand-crafted soft furnishings and sit them comfortably next to designer pieces just as long as there is a logical connection between the two.

For example you can choose to have furniture from different eras and re-upholstered them with fabrics which are within the same colour spectrum or of the same type of fabric but in another colour. Take a look at wholesale fabric and you'll see than you can get the same patterns in numerous different colours – the point being is that the patterns are the common, interlinking theme. Take a look at every item that you put in a room and use its merits to look for another piece to compliment those merits.

A lamp with a fringed shade can link with a curtain which has similar fringing. In bedroom the pattern or colour on a duvet covers UK can spark interest and similarity for wall art and area rugs and when bought together the marry themselves together. Rather than rather than divorce themselves apart. Experimentation, along with creativity is the key to successful eclectic interiors; don't be tempted to try and make things harmonise with each other as this is a recipe for disaster in terms of achieving the look; all you'll end up with is mismatched furnishings and furniture which resembles a jumbled, cluttered mess which has no identity.

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