Interior design styles: baroque

This interior design style refers to the lavish and highly decorated Italian interiors during the Baroque period, late 17th to mid 18th centuries. No expense was spared for the wealthy whose homes became lavishly decorated with gilded mirror and pictures frames which also displayed elaborate cartouches, sculptured figurines and beautifully carved flowers.

Florentine or Console tables were also richly decorated and as the style spread the more elaborate and grandiose. Ceilings: Ceilings became artistic master-pieces and were painted exquisitely with representation of Roma and Greek Gods and Goddesses.


Marble or parquet flooring was used by those with sufficient wealth. Oriental styled rugs were also used. Walls: Highly decorated columns were used as supports and were lavishly decorated, not an inch of wall space was left undecorated or adored. Panelling in oak or pine was usually painted to represent marble; mouldings where ornately carved and gilded.

Fabrics and Textiles

Fabrics were expensive commodities, as such chairs often had slip-covers to help protect them during everyday life, with the slip-covers being removed to show off when visitors arrived. In the bedroom beds also had protection with 'case' curtains or fabric hangings. The wealthy also swapped heavyweight velvets and damask which were used in the winter for lighter weight silks in the summer.


Rich and sombre were most frequently used with creams being the main background colour. Colours were also paired together, such as olive greens with yellows, deep pinks with pale whites or red and green – gold was also used as an accent colour for accessories.


Sash windows were the most seen style and while the rest of the room was overly elaborate curtains were simple in style, Holland blinds, now called Roman blinds, the name Holland blinds was also given to thin slat wooden Venetian blinds and roller blinds., all of which are available in made to measure blinds categories which can help you achieve the Baroque look.


Scatter and chair cushions denoted wealth and continued the theme of being lavishly decorated with tassels hanging from the corners. Wooden chairs were given comfort with seat pads or smaller cushions which were often tied in place with ribbons. If you love the Baroque style the bedroom is probably the easiest place to adopt the style. Look for wholesale fabrics online and choose velvets and damasks which can be used to make your own winter bed 'case' curtains and swap these for faux silks or voile during the summer. You'll also be able to make your own lavish cushions using luxury fabrics.

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