Interior design styles: arts & crafts

The Arts & Crafts movement was founded by a number of craftsmen, notably William Morris said “Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or useful" which was the mantra of Arts & Crafts furniture. Simple forms were used as their was no room for any additional decoration – natural materials were imperative, with their natural qualities being used as decorative features, such as the knots and grain of wood, along with exposed joints to show off the hand-worked crafts.

Patterns were inspired by nature and the style relies heavily on flora and fauna. Rustic is a great way to describe the Arts & Crafts movement and is a good starting point if you want to achieve the look.


Typically floors were dark wood or bare stone. Hand-worked rugs were often used as a means of keeping feet warm, with rag rugs being made by many country people for their own homes rather than for re-sale.

Buying rugs direct will give you a great choice of patterns which lean towards Arts & Crafts colours and designs.


Bare stone and exposed brickwork sat comfortably in rustic homes, while wallpaper became increasingly popular with floral patterns printed using wood blocks and the colours derived from vegetable dyes.

Fabrics and Textiles

William Morris is famous for the patterns and colours of the Arts & Crafts movement. To get the Arts & Crafts style in your bedrooms look for duvet sets with a botanical pattern, use natural materials such as cotton whenever you can.


Window casements were left exposed; stained glass window were introduced to once again highlight the work of craftsmen. Shaped window also became fashionable in this era with arches and circular windows being used to place stained and decorative glass. Using plain white curtains will move the emphasis from the curtain fabric to the window casement; if your windows aren't true to this interior design style, use patterns with a theme inspired by nature and use colours with earthy tones. There's lots of ways you can bring Arts & Crafts into your home and as this style relates to hand-made you'll be able to make your own soft furnishings rather than relying on ready made – for those who love the look can of course use ready made or use made to measure blinds, curtains etc. which are in the the style of the Arts & Crafts movement.

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