Interior design: quick lounge makeovers

Just as its name implies, the lounge in a home is the best place to just lounge around in, to relax with family and friends in a very casual atmosphere. The area should then be as welcoming, as cosy and as casual as possible without necessarily losing out on stylish interior design elements. After all, partying with family and friends also means doing so in great style.

Here are a few ideas on how you can quickly and affordably do a makeover on your lounge. Yes, indeed, you can be your own interior designer and be a good one, to boot!

Pillows on the Sofas

You will be surprised at the difference that changing the throw pillows have on the cosiness of your lounge. There’s no need to buy new ones since the throw pillows can be used but you must rethink their covers and, in the process, change the ambience in the room. For example, instead of the dark-coloured matte covers on the throw pillows, you can look for bright, bold and shiny fabrics that will instantly add oomph to the lounge.

Instead of the usual one colour approach to covers, you can experiment with a wide variety of contrasting colours like green, blue and red cushions. While you are at the subject of soft furnishings on the chairs, you might as well rethink the table décor. Flowers are okay but you may want to mix it up a little with various objects of art like an interesting piece of antique, a nice small sculpture, and a glass object.

Rugs on the Floor

No need to spend large amounts of money to change the floor’s look. Cheap rugs scattered over certain areas of the floor instantly changes the room’s ambience from drab to fabulous. Think of large rugs as giving the lounge its large character, so to speak.

When choosing rugs, we suggest looking at the material, colour and style of the floor itself. Wooden floors usually look better with neutral rugs that play off on the warm tones of the wood itself while concrete, tile and marble floors can use bold, bright and colourful patterns to soften their hard appearance.

Do-it-yourself makeovers in the home are easy jobs for as long as you know how to use soft furnishings and lighting fixtures to good use. Keep your money in the bank and yet still make it seem like your house had a total makeover worthy of professional interior designers’ admiration.

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