Interior design: quick kid's room makeovers

When you are planning a party where kids will be present, you must be ready to accommodate your little guests in whatever way necessary. Your kids’ rooms may even become their playground after the activities elsewhere in the house are wrapping up.

Besides, you and your adult guests will want to banish the kids to their rooms, so to speak, for a little party of your own. Here are a few suggestions on quick, easy and inexpensive makeovers on your kids’ rooms.

Your children will appreciate the results of the makeover, too, since their rooms will be better for it. Go for School Chic: Parents are often frustrated by writings on the wall made from the likes of chalks, pens and crayons, drawings obviously made by kids for fun. Don’t let this happen during the party by giving the kids no reason to draw on the walls by:

  • Installing a large chalkboard on one wall where kids can draw with coloured chalk • Placing a large table with matching chairs in one corner of the bedroom and then making it into an arts and crafts area
  • Adding a cork bulletin board where kids can display their works of art and other stuff After the party, your kids can continue using these things, which is already just reward for your efforts. We did say that your kids will love these makeover tips!

Get Accessorised: Your kids can help in choosing the accessories like red cushions on a beanbag, large rugs on the floor and even colourful duvet cover sets on the bed. These soft furnishings will definitely enliven your kids’ bedrooms without killing your pockets.

For example, your little girl may want to show off her princess-themed bedroom to her friends so make sure to place her Barbie collection beddings a day before the party.

Add Colour: You have so many ways to make your kids’ rooms colourful without getting out the paintbrush and rolling out the wallpaper. Place colourful rugs on the floor, hang printed childrens curtains at the windows, and hang vibrant prints on the walls and voilà! Colour in your kids’ rooms.

In all of these makeover activities, we suggest asking for your kids’ active participation. They can help with cleaning up their rooms, hanging the curtains and even moving small pieces of furniture. In the end, the rooms are theirs to enjoy so it makes sense to let them make a few decisions in this regard.

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