Interior design: quick hallway and entrance makeovers

Entryways and hallways are challenging areas for quick makeovers for various reasons. The entryway is the first impression into your living spaces while the hallways are the transition points from one room to the next, say, from the living room to the bedrooms.

By now, we all know how important it is to make a good impression on others especially when these individuals are guests in our homes. No worries, fortunately, if you believe that your entryway and hallways do not exactly make for a good first impression. Here are a few of our suggestions.

Love Your Rugs

Even the easy-to-do placement of cheap rugs on the entryway can spruce up the area, not to mention that it serves the practical purpose of picking up the dust, dirt and grit on the shoes. Be sure to choose a rug that echoes the theme in your entryway or hallway so that there is a sense of continuity.

Depending on your entryway, you can place large rugs just outside the door or inside the door. Many home owners like to play around with coloured rugs in bold patterns to offset the neutral colours on the walls – or vice versa – but you can always choose your own style by buying rugs direct from online retailers. Keep in mind that the entryway prepares visitors into your personal style in interior design so be free to express yourself.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If your home's entryway still does not have a mirror, we suggest installing one as soon as possible. It should be easy with the use of an electric drill and a few hooks. Why mirrors, you may ask? First, a mirror creates the illusion that the limited space is larger and wider than it actually is; and second, a mirror is a practical way for guests to briefly check their appearance before entering and leaving your home.

Add Interesting Thematic Fixtures

If your entryway and hallways seem bare of fixtures and furnishings, we suggest adding a few pieces to spruce up these areas. Be careful about overdoing it, however, as there are only so many objects that a limited space can hold before it becomes too claustrophobic and crowded for anyone passing through. Less is more, too, just as long as the items hold great interest.

There are so many ways to achieve a quick, easy and affordable makeover on these areas of the house so much so that you have no excuse not to get to it at once!

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