Interior design: quick bathroom makeovers

Family, friends and acquaintances invited to your party, whether it is for special occasions or for holidays like New Year’s Eve, will use the bathroom at one point or another during their brief stay in your home.

You will want the bathrooms to be impeccable in their eyes, not to mention that you probably spend a good part of the day inside these enclosed spaces so a stylish bathroom also works in your favour, with or without guests in the house. But we all know that bathrooms can be tricky places to redesign considering the costs of tearing down walls, drilling through floors and dealing with faucets, among other issues.

Add in your limited time between preparing for the party and remodelling the bathroom and you will be tempted to just let it be. Then again, why go through all these troubles when you can adopt the following easy, quick and affordable bathroom fixes?

Get Rid of Clutter

Your first step is to get rid of the odds and ends cluttering your bathrooms. Doing so will not cost a cent beyond the trash can and storage containers, which you already have in the house anyway, but it will yield positive results. With less clutter in your bathrooms, these spaces appear to be larger than before and that is always a good thing when it comes to indoor areas.

Get Styling on the Mirror

Why settle for a plain mirror when you can have a stylish one? There’s no need to buy a new mirror since the old one can always be spruced up by adding decorative moulding made from wood or metal materials around the edges.

Get a Rug

Large rugs on the bathroom floor are great in sprucing up the area in an instant. Choose rugs that can absorb water while remaining fairly dry. Go crazy on the patterns although we suggest light-coloured rugs to make the bathroom appear larger than it is. With just a little imagination and work, your bathrooms can be fit for kings and queens regardless of its size.

Get a Blind

Wooden blinds can really bring a fresh new look to bathrooms. Opt for a light-colour as this will help to make your bathroom lighter and airier while still providing privacy. With a few simple adjustments your bathroom can take on a whole new look and you don't even have to get a paintbrush out!

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