Interior design principles 7: colour

When it comes to colour it is not surprising to know that for many people it is actually a bit scary. People are sometimes reluctant to experiment, as they fear they could be doing something really wrong. But if you sit back and think for a moment you will actually realise that using colour is the key to achieving a well-balanced and harmonious room.

Basically there is no better way to bring in warmth and a theme to any room than by the use of colour. There is no reason to be afraid of using different colours in any room of your home, colour can create so many different sensations, it can have a calming effect and it also can make a room seemed vibrant and exciting. Remember having the use of some colour in your room is better than having none at all! Unless of course you want a completely white room.

The easiest and most cost efficient way of bringing colour into your room is by using paint. Paint is very versatile and easy to use, and if for any reason you find that the colour you have chosen is not for you, you can easily redo it with another colour. It is a good idea to go out and buy a sample pot; these are tiny pots of paint of the colour you think will go well in the room you want to decorate. Paint an area of the wall you want to redecorate in about a 3 foot square size and leave it there for a few days to see how you like it, and see how it actually fits in with the room concerned.

You will also want to check how this colour appears with different lighting, because the colour will appear different when there is natural sunlight on it, or artificial lighting. The same principle should be used when choosing wholesale fabric online, ask for swatches or samples to check the colour is as you visualised/imagined. Today there is a trend towards homes having a more contemporary feel about them and this lends itself perfectly to the rooms in your home having a splash of colour.

It is quite possible to create a very dramatic effect in a room, if you choose a feature wall and go for a bold and strong colour you could compliment it by using subtle shades of complimentary colour on the other walls or in your soft furnishings, such as bedding and curtain sets or cushions and throws. Make sure that the furnishings you have in the room blend in with the colours you have used. Many homes these days have hardwood floors, instead of carpets use rugs throughout your home it inject a touch of colour at floor level. With a little bit of imagination and research, you will come to see that you can actually have a room in your house with a colour or colours that enhances the room.

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