Interior design principles 6: scale and proportion

Are you thinking about decorating a room? If so, there are many more things to think about other than the colour you are going to use, you also have to think about the scale and proportion that is involved, such as your furniture and other items you might have in the room. When a room, whatever it is, be it a bedroom or lounge, when the room is not correctly proportioned it can make itself seem at odds and will give off a feeling that things are not quite right and out of balance. You may well have the right colour scheme in place, but if the scale is not correct the room will feel out of 'true'.

There are some fundamental and basic rules that you can easily follow to get the best results. How many times have you asked yourself if the sofa you have in your room is in the wrong position, for whatever reason it does not go well where it is? This is all about balance, scale and proportion and often you will find that by moving your sofa to another position will make all the difference to the room.

You also might like to consider installing full length ready made curtains in your windows; this will actually have the effect of seeming to increase the height of your room, and when you come to hang them, if at all possible hang them as near to the ceiling as possible on curtain tracks or wooden curtain poles which are the correct diameter for the weight of the curtains. It is also wise to keep the pattern of the curtains as simple as possible, as well as keeping the colour as neutral if you have small rooms, in large rooms opt for larger prints and repeating patterns with a neutral background to bring a sense of scale and proportion to you room.

If you have some similar coloured rugs on your floor then this will go towards the overall scale of the room. You should also consider where art work is placed on a wall. To have scale and proportion, it is generally accepted that any painting/print should be about 2/3 to 3/4 of the total wall space, this will provide symmetry and balance and make your room that much more inviting to be in.

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