Interior design principles 3: a focal point

Designing and creating a focal point in your room can be a task which is quite daunting, but there is no need to despair, every room with a little bit of thought can be designed to have a focal point that directs the viewers eyes to what you have placed in the room. Perhaps you are lucky to have a picture window this can be a real focal point of any room or again perhaps you are lucky to have a wonderful fireplace, this is certain to be an ideal focal point.

If you are unfortunate to have neither of these then you will need to create a focal point that is unique to the room. In most cases a focal point is something that you place your furniture around, this will ultimately encourage stimulating conversation as you, your family and guests will focus on the focal point you have made – that's the purpose of it! It will come as no surprise that if your room does not have any focal point, it will seem rather boring and you and others will find that you do not want to spend time in that room!

Help is at hand, if you think about it for a moment the single act of just hanging a simple but effective piece of art work on one of the walls can transform a room. A large bold and striking piece of art on your walls will create a topic of conversation not only amongst you and your family, but any guest that enters your home. Art is very evocative and if the right piece is placed in a room it would create not only a focal point but a talking point.

So, you can see you do not have to go to much expense to making your room, whatever it is be it a bedroom, dining room, kitchen or lounge into being something that is really special. Whatever room you are considering where you would like to make a focal point, you can often achieve this by the strategic placing of a designer rug, they have the ability not only to brighten the room but to bring an ambience that was not necessarily present before. A good designer rug will truly create a focal point worth talking about! By its very nature people want to look at it and no doubt discuss it, more especially if it's an Indian rug with beautiful colours as well as intricate patterning.

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