Interior design principles 2: harmony

If you are considering the decoration of any room in your home then one of the most important things for you to achieve in that room is harmony. You would want to have a room that is warm and inviting and at the same time reflects your personality and character.

You'll want to take into consideration the furniture that you put in a room and other fixtures and other decorations. If you keep all this in mind you will have a room and a home that is harmonious, so that whenever you come home you will feel at ease and actually be comforted by the rooms in your house. It is an idea that when you're out and about just keep a sharp lookout for items that you can place in your home that will create a special feeling in a room. It may well be that whilst you are doing your weekly shop you will see something that catches your eye and will think that is 'just the thing' for the room!

Shop for soft furnishings such as cheap rugs, cushions and throws online and make some huge savings. Flowers will have the effect of brightening up a corner of a room that you consider to be dull. If you take a moment to just sit down and look at the room you want to bring some harmony into, you will find that after a short space of time you will be able to actually visualise what it is you need to bring about a balance in that room.

It is wise to keep in mind that if you actually like something that is in your room already then keep it! For example, if you have made to measure blinds and they suit the room then it is wise to keep them, why go to the added expense of changing them for cheap Roman blinds or curtains when you don't have to! As you begin to build up the items you have in the room you will often find that a certain pattern starts to emerge, go with that flow because what it is saying is that this is your personality and character, this is your taste, your style. All of this is then reflected in the colours that you choose and the fixtures that you choose. Remember harmony comes from within and if you release that harmony it will be evident in the room that you redecorate!

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