Interior design principles 1: equilibrium and balance

When you consider interior design you will realise that it is a fairly broad spectrum that encompasses many different areas and also this goes hand in hand with creating an area that is safe while at the same time being functional and of course aesthetically pleasing. This doesn’t matter where it is, it may be in the home or in an office environment, or maybe it is in a work place such as a hairdressers, at the end of the day, the interior design of the place is important to creating an atmosphere that is welcoming, warm and inviting.

It is a place that you want to feel comfortable in, and interior design will take into consideration factors that are so vital to achieve that balance. Such as colour, textures, themes and the use of lighting. Lighting is perhaps one of the most important parts of interior design, especially nowadays. It is a long cry from the years when offices and homes were only lit by purely functional lighting, now the range of lighting that is available on the market is huge and lighting is now used as an integral part of any successful interior design.

Balance, balance balance, this is one of the critical things you will need to achieve if you are going to get the equilibrium right. It's no good going with the first colours that come to mind, you will have to consider many other things as well! Think about the actual room you are decorating and the purpose of that room, as this will have implications on the colours that you choose. Just take a moment to consider that the colours that you use will have symmetry with the items that are in the room, such as furniture, curtains, rugs and other accessories.

It well maybe that you are in charge of designing an office, be it in the work place or at home, you will want to keep if formal and functional, and no doubt the amount of light that enters the room will be important and how you can control this. If you think of pencil pleat curtains, they will do the job and also add to the overall design. Ready made curtains are no way intrusive and will complement any other type of accessories or soft furnishings that you have for the room. Just use your imagination and the balance and equilibrium will come in no time at all!

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