Interior design musical inspirations: 99 red balloons

If you want to take your own design to new levels then why not decide to go for a musically inspired theme. These themes are not what you would expect as they do not incorporate pictures of the artist or images from the music videos. What they do is take the essence from the lyrics and music and incorporate this into colours and design therefore creating something completely bespoke and individual. Many people have tried to create the '99 Red Balloons' design throughout the home and have had great success.

A lot of people have obviously gone with the 99 Red Balloons as a wallpaper of some sort. This is an extremely popular way of expressing this song and can be done very tastefully on any wall. Also mixing light greys, whites, and sky blues also sets off the design. There are many other related fixtures and fittings that can be bought that complement this type of theme such as red rugs and balloon themed accessories. Before you embark on a project of this scale is always important to little research by us so that you know who the costs. Making sure that you come within your budget is very important as it is very easy to over spend on any home decorations.

The reason is because people tend to go with what they feel rather than allowing some common sense into the build. By doing all your research first hand will lead not only to a satisfying end result but also your bank account will not be in the red. One of the easiest accessories that complements this are red curtains, they can be found at an extremely low cost and are available in many different shades. Also you will be happy to know that you can find them in a variety of sizes and shapes to go with your particular style of windows.

Your budget will determine the materials used in your red curtains. If you are able to stretch a little then you can find some really good high quality luxury pencil pleat curtains at an affordable price. So, if you're going for the title theme then make sure that you purchase ready made curtains as this is very important to the overall effect and design. You will find that you'll be very satisfied with the end result and it may also add a little fun to your home!

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